Bob Bowman Photography | Guestbook
Ed Cooley
Great stuff, if you ever do a guide ebook for
Sonoma county, I'm in
robert bob lalas
Bob the pictures you have are very amazing everything is smooth and beautiful. I like all the pictures they have really perfect shoots.
Kathleen Corbin(non-registered)
You have the eye that sees... Lush reality and magical are your photographs. Thank you for letting us see through your lense.
Seth Blackamore(non-registered)
Bob has an amazing talent and is a true professional. He joined our research team for the new book "Fishin' Trails 2" and made the book far better than we could have ever done without him. He produced the cover shot as well as numerous wildlife and landscape images! Check out to see his cover shot of Fishin' Trails 2, which releases Spring 2016.
Deb Tortorelli(non-registered)
Bob...incredible photos!! Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your art, what an amazing talent.
Joan Wallace(non-registered)
Breath taking photography! Truly a gifted eye, enjoyed your gallery.
Jeff Lemelin(non-registered)
Awesome shots my friend. You have inspired me to shoot top side!
kimberly davis
Absolutely love your photography! What a talent!!
James Holiday(non-registered)
Great pictures bob! love the portfolio.
Jessica spring(non-registered)
I absolutely am in love with your photography. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I look at your work and feel over come with peace, with the beauty you capture. Thank you!!
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